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Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk -Full Version Mod Unlocked Game Download Online


Download Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk -Full Version Mod Game Download Online 2017

Here in this post, we are listing some steps along with information to download Geometry Dash 2.1 apk. So if you are wondering about the details then let’s start by getting brief information about the game and then proceed with the process of downloading Geometry dash Arcade Game. Let me explain you what is Geometry dash? Geometry Dash 2.1 version is a well-known game for all the Game Lovers, but those techies who are trying it for the first time can check some awesome pros and cons along with the beneficial and way to use the Geometry dash world game.  Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is best and fastest developing game that can be used on your rooted android mobile. This game is simple and the player has to jump and fly to dodge the dangers that will come according to the levels you are playing. This Geometry Dash 2.1 mod game is programmed in such a way that is a complete rhythm based platformed that enables you to play different levels.

The user can easily play the game because of it very comfortable and easy to navigate within the application which most of the applications do not provide to its users. And another best thing about Geometry Dash 2.1 will goes very smooth with out any bug issues and it is a unique game that requires no strategy to play which has piqued the interest of many gamers. Also, to give a good experience for the users the Geometry Dash 2.1 is also providing different sound tracks which grab the attention of the people.

geometry-dash-apk V2.1

So here coming to the information about Geometry Dash. The Latest version of Geometry Dash 2.1 apk has came up with some solutions for bug fixes and other updates which even makes the user experience better. And an addition has been done to the game which is called spider robot by which the user can climb the walls to good game play.  Aside from these fixes, the developers have also included latest and different sound tracks for more fun and appealing purposes.

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Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk free Download for Android

So this free version of Geometry Dash only offers certain levels. While the paid version gives you more. Geometry Dash is a platformed with plain mechanics that nonetheless is able to present a very difficult challenge. And the best thing about this game that it provides so much fun. To Download this game, users need to have all the hardware requirements. Down in this article, we are also giving the requirements, so the new users can check them.


  • Android 2.2 or higher.

Procedure to Download Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk Online

  1. First, open google play store on your android device.
  2. Look for Geometry Dash
  3. Select the appropriate link among all results.
  4. In that choose Geometry Dash 2.1.
  5. Open and click on Install.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions after checking them clearly.
  7. After installation, check the app in your applications list and open and proceed to start your game.

How to Download Latest Version Geometry Dash Lite from direct Link ?

It’s simple just like above steps.

  1. Visit to Google Play Store on your android device.
  2. Then you should search ” Geometry Dash lite” Version on Google Play Store.
  3. Choose the official developer (i.e) and click install button
  4. Accept the terms and conditions, that’s it.
  5. It will install on your android device automatically.

So hope the information given about the Geometry Dash Apk and steps to install it on your device. For more fun games details and reviews along with pros and cons please look at our site. And techies can totally relate this site with more technology related updates.


Tutuapp or Appvn – Confused? Which is Best Third Party Apps – Check Out Now!.


Tutuapp Vs Appvn – Which is Best Third Party Apps to Download ? 

Confused and want to know about Appvn Vs. TutuApp apk? Which is best? Then check out this article completely as we are going to include all the details like functionalities, Pros, and Cons. This whole article is going to focus on both Appvn and tutuapp apk third party application store. We all know many tech geeks want to explore and to know the whole set of features and functionalities that are provided by both apps to their user. You can also check another article on our site where we have given details about how to download and install Appvn and Tutuapp also. By going through this, people are going to find out more and more information that you have been searching for.


Both are Trending & Best Mobile Apps

Appvn and TutuApp both are best third party application stores in today’s market. So here in this particular article, we are going to compare and contrast all the specifications and performance of both applications in a clear manner. So after seeing them all, you can decide for yourself which is best amongst both to use quickly. And we also include all deep details about Appvn and Tutupp.

Read this post entirely to know every data about them and also to get to know which is very useful for its users. As we all know well, Appvn and Tutuapp are the third party application stores each of them differ in features they are giving to users as well as in its working.

Comparison between Appvn v/s TutuApp: Which is the Best ?

Rooting Android and jail breaking iPhone is the old way, and now there is no need for such actions to download some high-end premium applications and games for free. Most of the people are unaware of the information that both android and iPhones get damaged while rooting or jail breaking.

So to eradicate this problem and to find another alternative many developers came with an idea of Third Party Application Stores.So Let’s proceed the comparison between Appvn Vs tutuapp!.

Download Games for Free in Tutuapp!-Is it True?

  1. Yes true, So one among such third party application store is Tutuapp, which is the best app market to download Japanese games, and Chinese games Though the app is giving out more famous english games, but it’s famous for Japanese, Chinese and Korean games which draw the attention of most people.tutuapp


  1. It contains a broad variety of applications and targeted games, and it also has mod app’s too which exactly means that you have had the freedom to play some tease with those mods.
  2. There are many top-notch collections in Tutuapp namely, Minecraft, Miners need cool shoes, and others are the best apps on tutu helper. So if you are a game geek, then Tutuapp store is the right place for you to get different games for your device which gives you access to utilize popular paid games for free.

Appvn APK

  1. And coming to the aspect of Appvn, you can download more paid apps and games on Appvn Apk Store its users can find other exciting features like e-books, music, ringtones, comic and many other. Appvn has a straight forward interface that all its users can use it easily without feeling stiff.
  2. Users can use it directly without even reading the instructions. Another added advantage of Appvn app store is that it is compatible with older versions of android and ios devices so that you can even use it on the old versions phone without having any difficulty.appvn
  3. Finally, we can draw an overall conclusion about the strengths of both third party application has, both Appvn and Tutuapp can work on android as well as ios. And you can get all the paid apps for free on your device by using both these 3rd party apps. And another advantage is that both Appvn and Tutuapp supports and runs high-speed games and applications.


Both Tutuapp & Appvn is best, So you can download appvn apk for IOS devices and android rooted devices. Which we also suggest you to try tutuapp by download Tutuapp apk ios and android. For more tech related data visit our site frequently.